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    BrE BrE//ˈsiːzn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈsiːzn//
    The tourist industry
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  1. 1  any of the four main periods of the year: spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter the changing seasons
  2. 2the dry/rainy/wet season a period of the year in tropical countries when it is either very dry or it rains a lot
  3. 3  a period of time during a year when a particular activity happens or is done the cricket/hunting/shooting, etc. season He scored his first goal of the season on Saturday. The female changes colour during the breeding season. The hotels are always full during the peak season (= when most people are on holiday/vacation). (British English) the holiday season (North American English) the tourist season (North American English) the holiday season (= the time of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year) (British English) the festive season (= Christmas and New Year) see also close season, high season, low season, off season, silly season See related entries: The tourist industry
  4. 4a period of time in which a play is shown in one place; a series of plays, films/movies or television programmes The play opens for a second season in London next week. a season of films by Alfred Hitchcock
  5. 5a period of time during one year when a particular style of clothes, hair, etc. is popular and fashionable This season's look is soft and romantic.
  6. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French seson, from Latin satio(n-) ‘sowing’, later ‘time of sowing’, from the root of serere ‘to sow’.Extra examples Best wishes for the festive season! Decker played nine major league seasons. Fleet Street’s silly season is upon us. He entered the season with 173 wins. He is busily preparing for the coming season. He played a full season for West Ham. I wished everyone a very happy holiday season. In this climate there are no real changes of temperature, just a wet and a dry season. It is illegal to fish for salmon during the closed season. It was the final race of a hard season. Lobster’s out of season right now. Melons are in season right now. Melons are just coming into season. Our team won the trophy for the second successive season. Season ticket holders do not have to queue. The Denver Broncos’ inaugural season was 1960. The Patriots won their last 12 games in the regular season. The Senator has led in the polls for most of the primary season. The hotel is almost empty in the off season. The media have declared open season on the congressman and his private life. The party conference season gets under way this week. The resort gets overcrowded in peak season. The team trained hard during the close season and won its first five matches. The team trained hard during the close/​off season. They played against the Celtics in the season opener. This year’s flu season has been relatively mild. We opened the season with five straight losses. It’s much cheaper to buy a season ticket. She scored her first goal of the season on Saturday. The fashion magazines are full of the new look for the spring season. The hotels are always full during the peak season. This season’s look is soft and romantic. the breeding/​mating/​growing/​planting season the cricket/​hunting/​shooting season the holiday season. the tourist seasonIdioms
    1. 1(of fruit or vegetables) easily available and ready to eat because it is the right time of year for them Strawberries are now in season.
    2. 2(of a female animal) ready to reproduce synonym on heat
    1. 1(of fruit or vegetables) not easily available because it is not the right time of year for them
    2. 2at the times of year when few people go on holiday/vacation Hotels are cheaper out of season.
    used at Christmas to wish somebody an enjoyable holiday
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