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settle down

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb Middle age, Marriage
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  to get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying She settled down in an armchair to watch television. I settled down with a book.
  2. 2  to start to have a quieter way of life, living in one place When are you going to get married and settle down? It's time I settled down. CollocationsThe ages of lifeChildhood/​youth be born and raised/​bred in Oxford; into a wealthy/​middle-class family have a happy/​an unhappy/​a tough childhood grow up in a musical family/​in an orphanage/​on a farm be/​grow up an only child (= with no brothers or sisters) reach/​hit/​enter/​go through adolescence/​puberty be in your teens/​early twenties/​mid-twenties/​late twenties undergo/​experience physical/​psychological changes give in to/​succumb to/​resist peer pressure assert your independence/​individualityAdulthood leave school/​university/​home go out to work (at sixteen) get/​find a job/​partner be/​get engaged/​married have/​get a wife/​husband/​mortgage/​steady job settle down and have kids/​children/​a family begin/​start/​launch/​build a career (in politics/​science/​the music industry) prove (to be)/represent/​mark/​reach a turning point in your life/​career reach/​be well into/​settle into middle age have/​suffer/​go through a midlife crisis take/​consider early retirement approach/​announce/​enjoy your retirementOld age have/​see/​spend time with your grandchildren take up/​pursue/​develop a hobby get/​receive/​draw/​collect/​live on a pension approach/​save for/​die from old age live to a ripe old age reach the grand old age of 102/23 (often ironic) be/​become/​be getting/​be going senile (often ironic) die (peacefully)/pass away in your sleep/​after a brief illness See related entries: Middle age, Marriage

settle down


settle somebodydown

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 to become or make somebody become calm, less excited, etc. It always takes the class a while to settle down at the start of the lesson. Now, come on, settle down! I’m sure things will settle down soon. The early goal settled the home side down.
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