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    suffix (in nouns)
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  1. 1the state or quality of ownership friendship
  2. 2the status or office of citizenship professorship
  3. 3skill or ability as musicianship
  4. 4the group of membership More Like This Suffixes -able, -age, -al, -ance, -ant, -arian, -ary, -dom, -ee, -er, -ese, -esque, -ess, -fold, -ful, -hood, -ify, -ion, -ish, -ism, -ist, -ista, -ite, -itis, -ize, -less, -let, -ling, -ly, -ment, -most, -ness, -oid, -or, -ous, -shipSee worksheet.
  5. Word OriginOld English -scipe, scype, of Germanic origin.
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