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    BrE BrE//skɪl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//skɪl//
    Job skills and personal qualities
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  1. 1  [uncountable] the ability to do something well The job requires skill and an eye for detail. skill in/at something/doing something What made him remarkable as a photographer was his skill in capturing the moment. See related entries: Job skills and personal qualities
  2. 2  [countable] a particular ability or type of ability We need people with practical skills like carpentry. management skills see also life skill See related entries: Job skills and personal qualities
  3. Word Originlate Old English scele ‘knowledge’, from Old Norse skil ‘discernment, knowledge’.Extra examples Alcohol can impact cognitive and motor skills severely. He had poor social skills and often offended people. He is a negotiator of considerable skill. He lacked the requisite skills for the job. Her therapist hopes to improve her coping skills. Holmes defeated Cooney with his superior boxing skills. I decided to find a career to match my skills and abilities. I enjoy playing squash, despite my lack of skill. It is important to develop good study skills. No special skills or knowledge are required for the job. School helps children to master the skills necessary to live in our society. School-leavers lacked basic literacy and numeracy skills. She attends regular training weekends to sharpen her skills. She displays excellent management skills. She had to develop a whole new set of skills when she changed job. She has good organizational skills. She performed the task with great skill. The country is facing a skills shortage. The manager must harness the skills of the workers to firm objectives. The project will help to develop children’s literacy skills. This work requires a different skill set. Veterinarians combine the skills of a surgeon, radiologist, dietitian and much more. With consummate skill, she steered the conversation away from any embarrassing subjects. a course that will test the skills of any golfer a feat requiring skill and patience a mastery of basic language skills an operation that called for a high degree of skill her skills as a doctor his skill at painting his skill with a sword the basic skills of managing an office the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic their skill in selecting the best designs to learn some new skills training in problem-solving and other marketable skills The course focuses on management skills and customer service.
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