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BrE BrE//skaɪ//
; NAmE NAmE//skaɪ//
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  •  [countable, uncountable] (pl. skies) the space above the earth that you can see when you look up, where clouds and the sun, moon and stars appear You usually say the sky. When sky is used with an adjective, use a… sky. You can also use the plural form skies, especially when you are thinking about the great extent of the sky What's that in the sky? The sky suddenly went dark and it started to rain. the night sky a cloudless sky cloudless skies a land of blue skies and sunshine The skies above London were ablaze with a spectacular firework display. CollocationsThe weatherGood weather be bathed in/​bask in/​be blessed with/​enjoy bright/​brilliant/​glorious sunshine the sun shines/​warms something/​beats down (on something) the sunshine breaks/​streams through something fluffy/​wispy clouds drift across the sky a gentle/​light/​stiff/​cool/​warm/​sea breeze blows in/​comes in off the sea the snow crunches beneath/​under somebody’s feet/​bootsBad weather thick/​dark/​storm clouds form/​gather/​roll in/​cover the sky/​block out the sun the sky darkens/​turns black a fine mist hangs in the air a dense/​heavy/​thick fog rolls in the rain falls/​comes down (in buckets/​sheets)/pours down snow falls/​comes down/​covers something the wind blows/​whistles/​howls/​picks up/​whips through something/​sweeps across something strong/​gale-force winds blow/​gust (up to 80 mph) a storm is approaching/​is moving inland/​hits/​strikes/​rages thunder rolls/​rumbles/​sounds (forked/​sheet) lightning strikes/​hits/​flashes a (blinding/​snow) blizzard hits/​strikes/​blows/​rages a tornado touches down/​hits/​strikes/​destroys something/​rips through something forecast/​expect/​predict rain/​snow/​a category-four hurricane (North American English) pour (down)/ (British English) pour (down) with rain get caught in/​seek shelter from/​escape the rain be covered/​shrouded in mist/​a blanket of fog be in for/​brave/​shelter from a/​the storm hear rolling/​distant thunder be battered/​buffeted by strong winds (British English) be blowing a gale battle against/​brave the elementsThe weather improves the sun breaks through the clouds the sky clears/​brightens (up)/lightens (up) the clouds part/​clear the rain stops/​lets up/​holds off the wind dies down the storm passes the mist/​fog lifts/​clears See related entries: Sky
  • Word OriginMiddle English (also in the plural denoting clouds), from Old Norse ský ‘cloud’. The verb dates from the early 19th cent.Extra examples A strange object dropped out of the sky. Astronomers scan the night skies for asteroids. Black clouds spread across the sky. Flocks of flamingoes fill the sky. I opened my shutters and saw a brilliant blue sky. My philosophy has always been to reach for the sky. Some vintage aircraft will be taking to the skies at this weekend’s fair. Swallows darted about in the sky overhead. The afternoon sky turned orange. The eagle was black against the early morning sky. The fireworks lit up the sky. The rain stopped and the skies cleared. The skies opened and rain poured down. The sky glows red with fire. The sky was streaked with gold. There was a kite high up in the sky. We slept under the open sky. a patch of blue sky a ship tossing under a dark sky a week of cloudless skies alarmists who claim that the sky is falling patrolling the skies over the Channel the pale moon in the inky night sky the vast desert skies to patrol the skies over the Atlantic when the sun is low in the sky I had blue skies and sunshine nearly every day I was there. Stars began to twinkle in the night sky. We made our way home under a cloudless sky. What’s that in the sky?Idioms
    the great… in the sky
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    (humorous) used to refer to where a particular person is imagined to go when they die or a thing when it is no longer working, similar to the place they were connected with on earth Their pet rabbit had gone to the great rabbit hutch in the sky.
    (informal) an event that somebody talks about that seems very unlikely to happen This talk of moving to Australia is all just pie in the sky.
    praise somebody/something to the skies
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    to praise somebody/something a lot
    (informal) there is no limit to what somebody can achieve, earn, do, etc. With a talent like his, the sky's the limit.
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