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    BrE BrE//ˈsliːpə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈsliːpər//
    Railway tracks and stations, Trains, Showing films
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  1. 1(used with an adjective) a person who sleeps in a particular way a heavy/light/sound sleeper
  2. 2a person who is asleep Only the snores of the sleepers broke the silence of the house.
  3. 3 a night train with beds for passengers on it the London–Edinburgh sleeper I came up last night on the sleeper. See related entries: Trains
  4. 4 = sleeping car
  5. 5(British English) (North American English tie) one of the heavy pieces of wood or concrete on which the rails on a railway/railroad track are laid See related entries: Railway tracks and stations
  6. 6(informal, especially North American English) a film/movie, play or book that for a long time is not very successful and then is suddenly a success See related entries: Showing films
  7. 7(also sleeper agent) a spy who is sent to live in a country as a normal citizen and is not used until much later The sleeper had lived in the US for two decades. He infiltrated a terrorist sleeper cell.
  8. 8(British English) a ring or piece of metal that you wear in an ear that has been pierced (= had a hole made in it) to keep the hole from closing
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