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BrE BrE//snʌb//
; NAmE NAmE//snʌb//
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snub (to somebody) an action or a comment that is deliberately rude in order to show somebody that you do not like or respect them synonym insult Her refusal to attend the dinner is being seen as a deliberate snub to the President. Word OriginMiddle English (as a verb, originally in the sense ‘rebuke with sharp words’): from Old Norse snubba ‘chide, check the growth of’. The adjective dates from the early 18th cent.Extra examples His cancellation of the concert was seen as a deliberate snub to the organizers. It was never intended as a snub. Some are suggesting that it was a snub by the French. The deal amounts to something of a snub for the rival online music company. These references were widely seen as a snub to the President. a deliberate snub to the ambassador an unintentional snub of President Johnson
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