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    social security

    BrE BrE//ˌsəʊʃl sɪˈkjʊərəti//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌsoʊʃl sɪˈkjʊrəti//
    [uncountable] Helping others
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  1. 1(British English) (also welfare North American English, British English) money that the government pays regularly to people who are poor, unemployed, sick, etc. to live on social security social security payments See related entries: Helping others
  2. 2Social Security (in the US) a system in which people pay money regularly to the government when they are working and receive payments from the government when they are unable to work, especially when they are sick or too old to work compare National Insurance See related entries: Helping others
  3. Extra examples All people in work pay social security contributions. He has paid into Social Security throughout his 35-year career. He’s out of work and on social security. If you are unemployed you can claim social security. My wife and I are retired and depend on Social Security. Teachers can get Social Security if they work in private industry. The current Social Security tax of 6.2% on workers. You need ID such as a birth certificate or Social Security card. a list of workers’ Social Security numbers plans to improve social security provision for single parents the plan to privatize Social Security He’s been living on social security for the past two months. Your social security payments may have to be stopped.
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