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BrE BrE//ˈspendɪŋ//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈspendɪŋ//
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the amount of money that is spent by a government or an organization to increase public spending Synonymscostsspending expenditure expenses overheads outlay These are all words for money spent by a government, an organization or a person.costs the total amount of money that needs to be spent by a business:labour/​production costs rising costsspending the amount of money that is spent, especially by a government or an organization:public spending More spending on health was promised.expenditure (rather formal) an amount of money spent by a government, an organization or a person:expenditure on educationexpenses money that has to be spent by a person or an organization; money that you spend while you are working which your employer will pay back to you later:legal expenses travel expensesoverhead(s) the regular costs of running a business or an organization, such as rent, electricity and wages:High overheads mean small profit margins.outlay the money that you have to spend in order to start a new business or project, or in order to save yourself money or time later:The best equipment is costly but is well worth the outlay.Patterns spending/​expenditure/​outlay on something high/​low costs/​spending/​expenditure/​expenses/​overheads total costs/​spending/​expenditure/​expenses/​overheads/​outlay capital costs/​spending/​expenditure/​expenses/​outlay household costs/​spending/​expenditure/​expenses government/​public/​education/​health costs/​spending/​expenditure to increase/​reduce costs/​spending/​expenditure/​expenses/​overheads/​the outlayExtra examples A military spending bill is currently being considered in Congress. How much spending money are you taking on holiday? More spending on education was promised. More spending on the National Health Service was promised. The President wants to increase discretionary spending by 4%. The boys went on a two-day spending spree with the stolen credit cards. The government will finance its spending through taxes. There has been an increase in total government spending. Three quarters of all federal spending goes to Social Security. her husband’s extravagant spending habits This government wants to keep a tight rein on public spending.
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