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    BrE BrE//ˈsteɪbl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈsteɪbl//
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  1. 1  firmly fixed; not likely to move, change or fail synonym steady stable prices a stable relationship This ladder doesn't seem very stable. The patient's condition is stable (= it is not getting worse). The situation in the country has remained relatively stable for a few months now. See related entries: Economy
  2. 2  (of a person) calm and reasonable; not easily upset synonym balanced Mentally, she is not very stable.
  3. 3 (specialist) (of a substance) staying in the same chemical or atomic state chemically stable an element forming stable compounds
  4. opposite unstable
    Word Originadjective Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French, from Latin stabilis, from the base of stare ‘to stand’.Word Familystable adjective (unstable)stability noun (instability)stabilize verbExtra examples Don’t worry—it’s perfectly stable! He was not emotionally stable enough to think through his decision. Put a book under the table leg to keep it stable. The unit is stable enough on level ground. attempts to keep prices stable He was not married, but he was in a stable relationship. The industry should do everything it can to keep prices stable. The patient’s condition is stable. These children badly need a stable and secure home life. This ladder doesn’t seem very stable. a stable mind/​relationship/​family/​home a stable situation/​environment/​government/​population stable employment
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