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    BrE BrE//stɒp//
    ; NAmE NAmE//stɑːp//
    Railway tracks and stations, Train and bus travel
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    act of stopping
  1. 1  an act of stopping or stopping something; the state of being stopped The trip included an overnight stop in Brussels. She brought the car to a stop. Work has temporarily come to a stop while the funding is reviewed. It is time to put a stop to the violence. Babies do not grow at a steady rate but in stops and starts. see also non-stop, whistle-stop
  2. of bus/train
  3. 2  a place where a bus or train stops regularly for passengers to get on or off I get off at the next stop. Is this your stop? Winchester will be the next station stop. see also bus stop, pit stop, request stop See related entries: Railway tracks and stations, Train and bus travel
  4. punctuation
  5. 3 (British English) = full stop
  6. music
  7. 4a row of pipes on an organ that produce the different sounds
  8. 5a handle on an organ that the player pushes in or pulls out to control the sound produced by the pipes
  9. phonetics
  10. 6 a speech sound made by stopping the flow of air coming out of the mouth and then suddenly releasing it, for example /p/, /k/, /t/ synonym plosive see also glottal stop
  11. Word OriginOld English (for)stoppian ‘block up (an aperture)’, of West Germanic origin; related to German stopfen, from late Latin stuppare ‘to stuff’.Extra examples Between twelve and two everything comes to a dead stop. Cheney is making a campaign stop in Lubbock, Texas. She brought the car to an abrupt stop. The cars made two pit stops during the race. The police found the drugs during a routine traffic stop. The truck came to a sudden stop. There will be a stop at Aboyne. We dropped the kids off at the bus stop. We had a lunch stop at Timperley. We made a pit stop to buy a bottle of water. We were chatting and missed our stop. You’re not allowed to get off between stops. a stop for refreshments to put a stop to all the arguments Babies do not grow at a steady rate but in stops and starts. I’m getting off at the next stop. It’s only a few stops on the subway. Piccadilly Circus is the next stop.Idioms to stop completely The car began to shudder and eventually came to a full stop in front of the church. (informal) to make the greatest effort possible to achieve something
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