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BrE BrE//ˈsʌbsədi//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈsʌbsədi//
(pl. subsidies) [countable, uncountable] Growing crops
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money that is paid by a government or an organization to reduce the costs of services or of producing goods so that their prices can be kept low agricultural subsidies to reduce the level of subsidy CollocationsFarmingGrowing food and raising animals plant trees/​seeds/​crops/​vines/​barley grow/​produce corn/​wheat/​rice/​fruit plough/(North American English) plow land/​a field sow/​harvest seeds/​crops/​fields spread manure/​fertilizer on something cultivate/​irrigate/​water/​contaminate crops/​plants/​fields/​land damage/​destroy/​lose your crop ripen/​pick fruit/​berries/​grapes press/​dry/​ferment grapes grind/​thresh grain/​corn/​wheat raise/​rear/​keep chickens/​poultry/​cattle/​pigs raise/​breed/​feed/​graze livestock/​cattle/​sheep kill/​slaughter livestock preserve/​smoke/​cure/​salt meatModern farming run a fish farm/​an organic dairy engage in/​be involved in intensive (pig/​fish) farming use/​apply (chemical/​organic) fertilizer/​insecticides/​pesticides begin/​do/​conduct field trials of GM (= genetically modified) crops grow/​develop GM crops/​seeds/​plants/​foods fund/​invest in genetic engineering/​research improve/​increase crop yields face/​suffer from/​alleviate food shortages label food that contains GMOs (= genetically modified organisms) eliminate/​reduce farm subsidies oppose/​be against factory farming/​GM food promote/​encourage/​support organic/​sustainable farming See related entries: Growing crops Word Originlate Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French subsidie, from Latin subsidium ‘assistance’.Extra examples Export subsidies have been reduced by 20%. The Arts Council granted them a small subsidy. The government cut spending through reductions in state subsidies to industry. The help that the government gives the industry amounts to an indirect subsidy. The level of subsidy given to farmers is to be reduced. protests against the removal of subsidies on basic commodities state subsidies for rice producers subsidies on basic goods and services subsidies to agriculture The EU spends billions on subsidies to farmers every year. They want to reduce the level of government subsidy.
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