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take out

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb Banking
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Phrasal Verbs
to go to a restaurant, theatre, club, etc. with somebody you have invited

take out somebody


take out something


take somebody out


take something out

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(informal) to kill somebody or destroy something They took out two enemy bombers.
  1. 1to remove something from inside somebody’s body, especially a part of it How many teeth did the dentist take out?
  2. 2to obtain an official document or service to take out an insurance policy/a mortgage/a loan to take out an ad in a newspaper
  3. 3(North American English) (British English take somethingaway) to buy cooked food at a restaurant and carry it away to eat, for example at home related noun takeaway, takeouttakeaway

take somethingout (against somebody)

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to start legal action against somebody by means of an official document The police have taken out a summons against the driver of the car.

take somethingout (of something)

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to obtain money by removing it from your bank account See related entries: Banking
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