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    BrE BrE//ˈtærɪf//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈtærɪf//
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  1. 1a tax that is paid on goods coming into or going out of a country A general tariff was imposed on foreign imports. Synonymstaxduty customs tariff ratesThese are all words for money that you have to pay to the government.tax money that you have to pay to the government so that it can pay for public services:income tax tax cutsduty a tax that you pay on things that you buy, especially those that you bring into a country:The company has to pay customs duties on all imports. customs tax that is paid when goods are brought in from other countriestariff a tax that is paid on goods coming into or going out of a country, often in order to protect industry from cheap imports:A general tariff was imposed on foreign imports.rates (in Britain) a tax paid by businesses to a local authority for land and buildings that they use, and in the past also paid by anyone who owned a house:Business rates are very high in the city centre.Patterns (a) tax/​duty/​tariff/​rates on something to pay an amount of money in tax/​duty/​customs/​rates to pay (a) tax/​duty/​customs/​tariff/​rates to collect taxes/​duties/​rates to increase/​raise/​reduce taxes/​duty/​tariffs/​rates to cut taxes/​duties/​rates to impose a tax/​duty/​tariff to put a tax/​duty on something Wordfinderboom, business, commerce, embargo, import, market, monopoly, sanction, tariff, trade CollocationsInternational relationsTrade facilitate/​regulate trade (with other countries) form/​join a trading bloc live in/​compete in a global/​the world economy support/​promote free trade adopt/​call for/​oppose protectionist measures erect/​impose/​reduce/​remove trade barriers impose/​lift/​raise/​eliminate import tariffs (on something) have/​run a huge/​large/​growing trade surplus/​deficit embrace/​resist/​drive globalizationPolitics and law conduct/​handle/​talk about/​discuss foreign policy pursue an aggressive/​a hawkish foreign policy require/​use/​conduct diplomacy establish/​break off/​sever/​restore diplomatic relations foster/​promote/​strengthen regional cooperation facilitate/​achieve economic/​political integration exercise/​defend/​protect/​transfer/​restore/​regain national/​state/​full/​limited sovereignty consolidate/​extend/​lose/​retain your power (in the region) hold/​maintain/​change/​alter/​shift/​be a shift in the balance of power (in the region) cause/​create/​open/​expose/​heal/​repair a deep/​growing/​major/​serious rift between X and YMeetings and agreements have/​hold/​host/​attend an international conference/​an economic forum/​a G20 summit launch a new round of global/​multilateral/​world trade negotiations send/​head/​lead/​meet a high-level/​an official/​a trade delegation begin/​start/​continue/​resume peace talks be committed to/​be opposed to/​disrupt/​undermine/​derail/​sabotage the peace process negotiate/​achieve a lasting political settlement broker/​sign a peace deal/​agreement/​treatyConflict be/​constitute/​pose a threat to global security compromise/​endanger/​protect national security justify/​be in favour of/ (especially US English) be in favor of/​be against military intervention threaten/​authorize/​launch/​take/​support/​oppose unilateral/​pre-emptive military action impose/​enforce/​lift/​end economic sanctions/​an arms embargo/​a naval blockade close/​protect/​secure/​patrol the border lead/​be involved in a peacekeeping operationAid negotiate/​announce a $15 billion aid package/​an economic stimulus package send/​provide/​request/​cut off military aid bring/​provide emergency/​humanitarian relief deliver/​distribute medical supplies/(British English) food parcels fund/​run a foreign/​a local/​an international NGO reduce/​eradicate child/​global/​world poverty See related entries: Economy
  2. 2a list of fixed prices that are charged by a hotel or restaurant for rooms, meals, etc., or by a company for a particular service mobile-phone tariffs See related entries: Staying in a hotel, Dining out
  3. 3(British English, law) a level of punishment for somebody who has been found guilty of a crime
  4. Word Originlate 16th cent. (also denoting an arithmetical table): via French from Italian tariffa, based on Arabic ‘arrafa ‘notify’.Extra examples The European Union has threatened retaliatory tariffs. The US could impose punitive tariffs of up to 100% on some countries’ exports. The agreement fixed tariffs for foreign goods coming into Japan at 5%. They set a tariff of 36% on British wool cloth. a 27% across-the-board tariff on all goods from China a 40% level of tariffs on imports the aim of removing all tariff barriers by next year Ask your bank for a copy of its tariff of charges. If a guest cancels their booking, we reserve the right to charge the full tariff price.
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