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    BrE BrE//tiːm//
    ; NAmE NAmE//tiːm//
    [countable + singular or plural verb] Groups of animals
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  1. 1  a group of people who play a particular game or sport against another group of people a football/baseball, etc. team a team event (= one played by groups of people rather than individual players) (British English) Whose team are you in? (North American English) Whose team are you on? The team is/are not playing very well this season.
  2. 2  a group of people who work together at a particular job the sales team a team leader/member A team of experts has/have been called in to investigate. We have a team of eight working on product development.
  3. 3two or more animals that are used together to pull a cart, etc. See related entries: Groups of animals
  4. Word OriginOld English tēam ‘team of draught animals’, of Germanic origin; related to German Zaum ‘bridle’, also tow, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin ducere ‘to lead’.Extra examples Can you get a team together by Saturday? Cole has been selected for the team to meet Italy next week. He hopes to sign with an NFL team. He is looking to sign for a Conference League team. I signed up for the school basketball team. I’ll have you on the first team. I’m playing for the first team this week. It took a tremendous team effort to finish the project on time. Our team lost the final. She has recently joined our sales team. She’s in the team for the World Championships. Spain are fielding a three-man team in this race. The England manager has chosen his dream team for the World Cup. The charity sent a team to the area hit by the earthquake. The lads were given a rousing half-time team talk by the coach. The manager gives his team talks in English. The survival course was intended as a team building exercise. The team competes in a local league. The team consisted of six investigators and two secretaries. The team will work closely with other government departments. There are 20 people in the team. There are six teams taking part. We have a great team chemistry. We’re learning to work together as a team. Willing volunteers formed teams of helpers to carry everything in. You and I make a good team. You didn’t make the team, I’m afraid. a crack team of lawyers a joint team of European and North American economists a member of the senior management team a parachute display team a specially trained team of advisers the Army Parachute Display Team the team that developed this microchip A team of experts has been called in to investigate. After two years out with injury, he’s back on the team. Giles led his team to a first Test victory for 10 years. He failed to break into the first team. He is likely to be selected for the England cricket team to play South Africa. He thanked his legal team and his family for their support. He was part of a research team under Professor James. She was a senior member of the design team working on the project. They need to learn to work together as a team. They were chosen for their capabilities as team players as well as their business skills. We have a very strong management team. We want to encourage team sports in schools. What team do you support?Idioms
    take one for the team (informal)
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    to give up something that is important to you or to do something that is unpleasant in order to benefit your friends or colleagues Sometimes you have to take one for the team. I took one for the team.
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