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Teddy boy

(informal ted noun
BrE BrE//ted//
; NAmE NAmE//ted//
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(in Britain in the 1950s) a member of a group of young men who liked rock and roll music and who had their own style of dressing (usually wearing narrow trousers/pants, long jackets and pointed shoes) Word Originfrom Teddy, pet form of the given name Edward (with reference to Edward VII's reign). Culture Teddy boys wore long, loose jackets, called drape coats, very narrow trousers, called drainpipes, and leather shoes with narrow points at the end, called winkle-pickers, or soft shoes with thick rubber soles, called brothel creepers. They put special oil on their hair and arranged it so that it stood up at the front. Teddy boys were seen as being rebellious and were sometimes involved in violence. Their style of clothing was intended to be similar to that of certain fashionable young men in Britain during the Edwardian period in the early 20th century. (Ted is a short form of Edward.)