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    BrE BrE//ˈtelɪvɪʒn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈtelɪvɪʒn//
    (abbreviation TV) Watching TV, Devices
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  1. 1  (also television set) (also British English, informal telly) [countable] a piece of electrical equipment with a screen on which you can watch programmes with moving pictures and sounds a colour television a widescreen television a plasma screen television to turn the television on/off See related entries: Watching TV, Devices
  2. 2  (also British English, informal telly) [uncountable] the programmes broadcast on television We don't do much in the evenings except watch television. Wordfinderchat show, documentary, drama, game show, news, programme, quiz, reality TV, sitcom, television See related entries: Watching TV
  3. 3  [uncountable] the system, process or business of broadcasting television programmes satellite/terrestrial/cable/digital television the television news a television documentary a television company/presenter I'd like to work in television (= for a television company). CollocationsTelevisionWatching watch television/​TV/​a show/(British English) a programme/(North American English) a program/​a documentary/​a pilot/​a rerun/​a repeat see (especially British English) an ad/(especially North American English) a commercial/​the news/​the weather catch/​miss a show/​a programme/​a program/​an episode/​the news pick up/​reach for/​grab the remote (control) change/​switch channel surf (through)/ (especially North American English) flip through/ (especially British English) flick through the channels sit in front of/​switch on/​switch off/​turn on/​turn off the television/​the TV/​the TV set have/​install satellite (TV)/cable (TV)/a satellite dishShowing show a programme/​a documentary/​an ad/​a commercial screen a programme/​a documentary run an ad/​a commercial broadcast/ (especially North American English) air/​repeat a show/​a programme/​a documentary/​an episode/​a series go out/​air/​be recorded live attract/​draw (in)/pull (in) viewers be a hit with viewers/​audiences/​critics get (low/​high) ratingsAppearing be on/​appear on television/​TV/​a TV show take part in a phone-in/​a game show/​a quiz show/​a reality TV show host a show/​a programme/​series/​a game show/​a quiz show/​a talk show/(British English) a chat show be/​become/​work as a/​an (British English) TV presenter/​talk-show host/​sports commentator/​anchorman/(British English) newsreader read/​present the news appear/​perform live (on TV)Programme-making do/​film/​make a show/​a programme/​a documentary/​an episode/​a pilot/​a series/​an ad/​a commercial work on a soap (opera)/a pilot (episode)/a sitcom write/​produce a drama/​sitcom/​spin-off/​comedy series see also cable television, closed-circuit television
  4. Word Originearly 20th cent.: from tele- ‘at a distance’ + vision.Extra examples Millions watched the events on live television. She recalled her first television appearance forty years ago. She works in television. The Olympics receive extensive television coverage. The children watched television for most of the evening. The state television screened pictures of the trial. The trial was broadcast by local television. We were watching the news on television. a television adaptation of the popular novelIdioms
    on (the) television (informal on TV) (also British English, informal on the telly)
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     being broadcast by television; appearing in a television programme What's on television tonight? Is there anything good on the telly tonight? It was on TV yesterday. I recognize you. Aren't you on television?
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