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BrE BrE//tent//
; NAmE NAmE//tent//
Holiday accommodation, Camping, Types of home
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a shelter made of a large sheet of canvas, nylon, etc. that is supported by poles and ropes fixed to the ground, and is used especially for camping to put up/take down a tent to pitch (= put up) a tent Food will be served in the hospitality tent (= for example at an outdoor show). see also A-frame tent, dome tent, frame tent, oxygen tent, pup tent, ridge tent, wall tent See related entries: Holiday accommodation, Camping, Types of home Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French tente, based on Latin tent- ‘stretched’, from the verb tendere.Extra examples The refugees had been living in makeshift tents for a year. The reporters were waiting for Tiger Woods to come to the press tent. There was a long queue of troops outside the cookhouse tent. They pitched their tent in a little clearing in the wood. a tent city housing refugees from the war
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