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  1. 1a building or set of buildings at an airport where air passengers arrive and leave A second terminal was opened in 2008. Wordfinderairport, baggage reclaim, board, check-in, gate, immigration, lounge, passport, security, terminal See related entries: Plane travel, Airports
  2. 2a place, building or set of buildings where journeys by train, bus or boat begin or end a railway/bus/ferry terminal See related entries: Buildings, Railway tracks and stations, Train and bus travel, Travelling by boat or ship
  3. 3 (computing) a piece of equipment, usually consisting of a keyboard and a screen that joins the user to a central computer system See related entries: Computer hardware
  4. 4 (specialist) a point at which connections can be made in an electric circuit a positive/negative terminal
  5. Word Originearly 19th cent.: from Latin terminalis, from terminus ‘end, boundary’.Extra examples All she did was press a few keys on the terminal. Internet terminals have been installed at most libraries. The computer terminals are connected to a central network. The larger financial institutions have over 200 news and data terminals in their offices. There were two students at each terminal. We met up at the bus terminal. pressing keys on a terminal The new high-speed train will stop at a terminal to be built at Kings Cross station. They are building a new terminal at the airport. They arrived late at the ferry terminal. They intend to build a massive new rail terminal. When I woke up I was in the bus terminal. Your flight leaves from terminal 2. a bus/​ferry terminal
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