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(also Tesco's)
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one of Britain's largest chains of supermarkets. It was started by Jack Cohen (1898-1979), a Jewish immigrant who started selling tea in a market in the East End of London just after World War I. The name Tesco was used first on a brand of tea sold by Cohen; it consisted of the first letters of T E Stockwell, who was a partner in a firm of tea suppliers, and the first two letters of Cohen's own name. In 1929 Cohen opened a food shop in London, and by the beginning of World War II there were about 100 Tesco shops in or near London. In the 1970s, Tesco 'superstores' began to appear and there are now more than three thousand shops all together across Britain, in or just outside most towns and cities. The largest ones sell not only food but also clothes and household goods, as well as providing other services. In 1997, Tesco started its own bank. It also has stores in many countries across the world. I buy most of my food at Tesco. There's a new Tesco's opening near us.