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    the Oval Office

    BrE BrE//ði ˌəʊvl ˈɒfɪs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ði ˌoʊvl ˈɔːfɪs//
    , NAmE//ði ˌoʊvl ˈɑːfɪs//
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  1. 1the office of the US President in the White House
  2. 2a way of referring to the US President and the part of the government that is controlled by the President Congress is waiting to see how the Oval Office will react. More Like This Place names representing activities Downing Street, Madison Avenue, Grub Street, Holyrood, Main Street, Number Ten, the Oval Office, the Palace, Silicon Valley, the Vatican, Whitehall, the White HouseSee worksheet.
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