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    BrE BrE//ˈtaɪəd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈtaɪərd//
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  1. 1  feeling that you would like to sleep or rest; needing rest synonym weary to be/look/feel tired I'm too tired even to think. They were cold, hungry and tired out (= very tired). tired feet Wordfinderdoze, dream, drowsy, insomnia, oversleep, REM, sedative, sleep, soporific, tired See related entries: Tiredness
  2. 2  feeling that you have had enough of somebody/something because you no longer find them/it interesting or because they make you angry or unhappy tired of somebody/something I'm sick and tired of all the arguments. tired of doing something She was tired of hearing about their trip to India.
  3. 3boring because it is too familiar or has been used too much He always comes out with the same tired old jokes.
  4. Extra examples He looked tired and drawn. I’m sick and tired of listening to you complain. I’m still a bit tired from the journey. Of course I’m not ill. I’m just tired. Polly suddenly felt awfully tired. She had grown heartily tired of his company. The walk left me quite tired out. He began with a few tired old jokes. I’m too tired even to think. It’s a tired cliché-ridden definition of leadership. It’s the same tired advice that was given to my mother. The word ‘empowering’ is tired and overused. The words danced on the page before his tired eyes. They were cold, hungry and tired out.
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