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BrE BrE//traɪˈbjuːnl//
; NAmE NAmE//traɪˈbjuːnl//
[countable + singular or plural verb]
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a type of court with the authority to deal with a particular problem or disagreement an international war crimes tribunal a military tribunal see also industrial tribunal Word Originlate Middle English (denoting a seat for judges): from Old French, or from Latin tribunal ‘raised platform provided for magistrate's seats’, from tribunus, literally ‘head of a tribe’, from tribus ‘tribe’. The current sense dates from the early 20th cent.Extra examples A war crimes tribunal was set up to prosecute those charged with atrocities. He could face a military tribunal. He stood trial before an international tribunal. He was put on trial by military tribunal. No legal aid was available to cover representation before tribunals. She told the tribunal that she was a victim of sex discrimination. She took her case to a tribunal. The case was referred to an industrial tribunal. The case went to a tribunal. The conspirators were tried by a military tribunal and found guilty. The disciplinary tribunal upheld an earlier ruling. The dismissed workers decided to go to a tribunal. The dispute was settled by a tribunal. The employer must satisfy the tribunal on several matters. The fee for the player will be decided by tribunal. The police gave evidence at the tribunal. The tribunal found for her employers. The tribunal held its first session later that month. The tribunal sentenced him to twenty years in prison. The tribunal was entitled to reach this conclusion. an employment tribunal claim He lost his appeal against the decision at an industrial tribunal. She was brought before a military tribunal to explain her conduct.
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