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turn on

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb How machines work
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Phrasal Verbs
to attack somebody suddenly and unexpectedly The dogs suddenly turned on each other. Why are you all turning on me (= criticizing or blaming me)?

    turn on something

    [no passive]
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  1. 1to depend on something Much turns on the outcome of the current peace talks.
  2. 2[no passive] to have something as its main topic The discussion turned on the need to raise standards.
(informal) to make somebody excited or interested, especially sexually Jazz has never really turned me on. She gets turned on by men in uniform. related noun turn-on

turn somebody on (to something)

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(informal) to make somebody become interested in something or to use something for the first time He turned her on to jazz.
 to start the flow of electricity, gas, water, etc. by moving a switch, button, etc. to turn on the heating I'll turn the television on. (figurative) He really knows how to turn on the charm (= suddenly become pleasant and attractive). See related entries: How machines work
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