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    BrE BrE//ˈtɜːnəʊvə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈtɜːrnoʊvər//
    Running a business
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  1. 1[countable, usually singular, uncountable] turnover (of something) the total amount of goods or services sold by a company during a particular period of time an annual turnover of $75 million a fall in turnover CollocationsBusinessRunning a business buy/​acquire/​own/​sell a company/​firm/​franchise set up/​establish/​start/​start up/​launch a business/​company run/​operate a business/​company/​franchise head/​run a firm/​department/​team make/​secure/​win/​block a deal expand/​grow/​build the business boost/​increase investment/​spending/​sales/​turnover/​earnings/​exports/​trade increase/​expand production/​output/​sales boost/​maximize production/​productivity/​efficiency/​income/​revenue/​profit/​profitability achieve/​maintain/​sustain growth/​profitability cut/​reduce/​bring down/​lower/​slash costs/​prices announce/​impose/​make cuts/​cutbacksSales and marketing break into/​enter/​capture/​dominate the market gain/​grab/​take/​win/​boost/​lose market share find/​build/​create a market for something start/​launch an advertising/​a marketing campaign develop/​launch/​promote a product/​website create/​generate demand for your product attract/​get/​retain/​help customers/​clients drive/​generate/​boost/​increase demand/​sales beat/​keep ahead of/​out-think/​outperform the competition meet/​reach/​exceed/​miss sales targetsFinance draw up/​set/​present/​agree/​approve a budget keep to/​balance/​cut/​reduce/​slash the budget be/​come in below/​under/​over/​within budget generate income/​revenue/​profit/​funds/​business fund/​finance a campaign/​a venture/​an expansion/​spending/​a deficit provide/​raise/​allocate capital/​funds attract/​encourage investment/​investors recover/​recoup costs/​losses/​an investment get/​obtain/​offer somebody/​grant somebody credit/​a loan apply for/​raise/​secure/​arrange/​provide financeFailure lose business/​trade/​customers/​sales/​revenue accumulate/​accrue/​incur/​run up debts suffer/​sustain enormous/​heavy/​serious losses face cuts/​a deficit/​redundancy/​bankruptcy file for/ (North American English) enter/​avoid/​escape bankruptcy (British English) go into administration/​liquidation liquidate/​wind up a company survive/​weather a recession/​downturn propose/​seek/​block/​oppose a merger launch/​make/​accept/​defeat a takeover bid See related entries: Running a business
  2. 2[singular] turnover (of somebody) the rate at which employees leave a company and are replaced by other people a high turnover of staff
  3. 3[singular] turnover (of something) the rate at which goods are sold in a shop/store and replaced by others a fast turnover of stock
  4. 4 [countable] a small pie in the shape of a triangle or half a circle, filled with fruit or jam
  5. Extra examples The city has a rapid population turnover. The combined turnover of both businesses has doubled in the last two years. The company boasts an annual turnover of £240 m. The company recorded a turnover of €70 million last year. The company’s turnover increased 30% to $10 million. The company’s worldwide turnover exceeds $5 billion. The new offices have reduced the very high rates of staff turnover. Turnover fell from £12 million to £11 million. Turnover reached $2 billion in the 12 months to September. Turnover was down compared with last year’s figures. We’ve had very little turnover in our sales personnel. A 10% rise in turnover would increase company profits by $3.3 million. Calculate your profit by subtracting your costs from your turnover. The firm has an annual turnover of $75 million.
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