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    BrE BrE//twɪn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//twɪn//
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  1. 1  one of two children born at the same time to the same mother She's expecting twins. CollocationsChildrenHaving a baby/​child want a baby/​a child/​kids start a family conceive/​be expecting/​be going to have a baby/​child miss your period become/​get/​be/​find out that you are pregnant have a baby/​a child/​kids/​a son/​a daughter/​twins/​a family have a normal/​a difficult/​an unwanted pregnancy; an easy/​a difficult/​a home birth be in/​go into/​induce labour (especially US English) labor have/​suffer/​cause a miscarriage give birth to a child/​baby/​daughter/​son/​twinsParenting bring up/ (especially North American English) raise a child/​family care for/ (especially British English) look after a baby/​child/​kid change (British English) a nappy/(North American English) a diaper/​a baby feed/​breastfeed/​bottle-feed a baby be entitled to/​go on maternity/​paternity leave go back/​return to work after maternity leave need/​find/​get a babysitter/​good quality affordable childcare balance/​combine work and childcare/​child-rearing/​family life educate/​teach/​home-school a child/​kid punish/​discipline/​spoil a child/​kid adopt a baby/​child/​kid offer a baby for/​put a baby up for adoption (especially British English) foster a child/​kid be placed with/​be raised by foster parents see also conjoined twin, fraternal twin, identical twin, Siamese twin See related entries: Relations
  2. 2one of two similar things that make a pair The plate was one of a pair but I broke its twin.
  3. Word Originlate Old English twinn ‘double’, from twi- ‘two’; related to Old Norse tvinnr. Current verb senses date from late Middle English.Extra examples His long-lost twin was searching for him. I was the older twin. My sister had twins. She had twin girls. The twins were separated at birth. a pair of identical twins adult twins who were raised apart an operation to separate conjoined twins the plot device of giving a character an evil twin
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