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    BrE BrE//ʌnˈnesəsəri//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ʌnˈnesəseri//
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  1. 1  not needed; more than is needed synonym unjustified unnecessary expense They were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to animals. All this fuss is totally unnecessary. opposite necessary
  2. 2  (of remarks, etc.) not needed in the situation and likely to be offensive synonym uncalled for That last comment was a little unnecessary, wasn't it?
  3. Extra examples No, no, that’s quite unnecessary. the possession of items strictly unnecessary to survival (an) unnecessary expense/​expenditure/​cost/​luxury All this fuss is totally unnecessary. Our first priority is to reduce unnecessary expense. She gave her parents unnecessary worry when she forgot to call them. That last comment was a bit unnecessary, wasn’t it? That was quite unnecessary and I want you to apologize. The police stand accused of the use of wholly unnecessary violence during the arrest. unnecessary pain/​suffering/​hardship/​delay/​complication/​difficulty/​fuss/​anxiety/​worry
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