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    BrE BrE//ˈvɜːdɪkt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈvɜːrdɪkt//
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  1. 1a decision that is made by a jury in court, stating if somebody is considered guilty of a crime or not Has the jury reached a verdict? The jury returned a verdict (= gave a verdict) of guilty. CollocationsCriminal justiceBreaking the law break/​violate/​obey/​uphold the law be investigated/​arrested/​tried for a crime/​a robbery/​fraud be arrested/ (especially North American English) indicted/​convicted on charges of rape/​fraud/(especially US English) felony charges be arrested on suspicion of arson/​robbery/​shoplifting be accused of/​be charged with murder/(especially North American English) homicide/​four counts of fraud face two charges of indecent assault admit your guilt/​liability/​responsibility (for something) deny the allegations/​claims/​charges confess to a crime grant/​be refused/​be released on/​skip/​jump bailThe legal process stand/​await/​bring somebody to/​come to/​be on trial take somebody to/​come to/​settle something out of court face/​avoid/​escape prosecution seek/​retain/​have the right to/​be denied access to legal counsel hold/​conduct/​attend/​adjourn a hearing/​trial sit on/​influence/​persuade/​convince the jury sit/​stand/​appear/​be put/​place somebody in the dock plead guilty/​not guilty to a crime be called to/​enter (British English) the witness box take/​put somebody on the stand/(North American English) the witness stand call/​subpoena/​question/​cross-examine a witness give/​hear the evidence against/​on behalf of somebody raise/​withdraw/​overrule an objection reach a unanimous/​majority verdict return/​deliver/​record a verdict of not guilty/​unlawful killing/​accidental death convict/​acquit the defendant of the crime secure a conviction/​your acquittal lodge/​file an appeal appeal (against)/challenge/​uphold/​overturn a conviction/​verdictSentencing and punishment pass sentence on somebody carry/​face/​serve a seven-year/​life sentence receive/​be given the death penalty be sentenced to ten years (in prison/​jail) carry/​impose/​pay a fine (of $3 000)/a penalty (of 14 years imprisonment) be imprisoned/​jailed for drug possession/​fraud/​murder do/​serve time/​ten years be sent to/​put somebody in/​be released from jail/​prison be/​put somebody/​spend X years on death row be granted/​be denied/​break (your) parole see also majority verdict, open verdict
  2. 2verdict (on something/somebody) a decision that you make or an opinion that you give about something, after you have tested it or considered it carefully The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death. The panel will give their verdict on the latest video releases. Well, what's your verdict?
  3. Word OriginMiddle English: from Anglo-Norman French verdit, from Old French veir ‘true’ (from Latin verus) + dit (from Latin dictum ‘saying’).Extra examples His family always insisted that the original ‘guilty’ verdict should be overturned. In the case of an adverse verdict, the company could lose millions. The judge sent the jury away to consider its verdict. The jury returned a formal verdict after direction by the judge. The jury returned a verdict of guilty at the end of the trial. The jury’s verdict was unanimous. The panel will give its final verdict tomorrow. The unanimous verdict was that the picnic had been a great success. The verdict came in this afternoon. The verdict was delivered in front of a packed courtroom. The verdict was upheld at appeal. They reached a verdict after hours of deliberation. We believe that the verdict against him was unfair. What’s your verdict on her new book? a unanimous verdict of not guilty Has the jury reached a verdict? The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
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