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    BrE BrE//web//
    ; NAmE NAmE//web//
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  1. 1  [countable] = spider’s web A spider had spun a perfect web outside the window. See related entries: Animal homes
  2. 2  [countable] a complicated pattern of things that are closely connected to each other a web of streets We were caught in a tangled web of relationships. She discovered a web of intrigue in the company.
  3. 3  the Web (also the web) [singular] = World Wide Web I found the information on the Web. see also Dark Web, Deep Web, Semantic Web CollocationsEmail and the InternetEmail receive/​get/​open an email write/​send/​answer/​forward/​delete an email check/​read/​access your email block/​filter (out) junk/​spam/​unsolicited email exchange email addresses open/​check your inbox junk mail fills/​floods/​clogs your inbox have/​set up an email account open/​send/​contain an attachment sign up for/​receive email alertsConnecting to the Internet use/​access/​log onto the Internet/​the Web go online/​on the Internet have a high-speed/​dial-up/​broadband/​wireless (Internet) connection access/​connect to/​locate the server use/​open/​close/​launch a/​your web browser browse/​surf/​search/​scour the Internet/​the Web send/​contain/​spread/​detect a(n) (computer/​email) virus update your anti-virus software install/​use/​configure a firewall accept/​enable/​block/​delete cookiesUsing the Internet visit/​check a website/​an Internet site/​somebody’s blog create/​design/​launch a website/​social networking site start/​write/​post/​read a blog update your blog/​a website be in/​meet somebody in/​go into/​enter an Internet chat room download/​upload music/​software/​a song/​a podcast/​a file/​a copy of something share information/​data/​files post a comment/​message on a(n) website/​online message board/​web forum/​Internet chat room stream video/​audio/​music/​content over the Internet join/​participate in/​visit/​provide a(n) (web-based/​web/​online/​Internet/​discussion) forum generate/​increase/​monitor Internet traffic Wordfinderaccess, blog, browse, chat, google, navigate, search engine, unsubscribe, visit, the Web
  4. 4[countable] a piece of skin that joins the toes of some birds and animals that swim, for example ducks and frogs
  5. Word OriginOld English web(b) ‘woven fabric’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch web, also to weave.Extra examples A Web search brought up 900 hits. I found this survey on the Web. Many people use the Web to make their travel plans. More and more people were drawn into his web of deceit. The mass media form a web of communications. a broadband Web connection An increasingly complex web of legislation has been considered. Investigations have begun into a web of corruption within the government. She discovered a web of intrigue. What part does bacteria have to play in the food web? a web of deceit/​lies
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