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    BrE BrE//ˈwɪsl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈwɪsl//
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  1. 1  a small metal or plastic tube that you blow to make a loud high sound, used to attract attention or as a signal The referee finally blew the whistle to stop the game. see also dog whistle, tin whistle
  2. 2  the sound made by blowing a whistle He scored the winning goal just seconds before the final whistle.
  3. 3  the sound that you make by forcing your breath out when your lips are closed a shrill whistle He gave a low long whistle of surprise. see also wolf whistle
  4. 4  the high loud sound produced by air or steam being forced through a small opening, or by something moving quickly through the air the whistle of a boiling kettle the whistle of a bullet
  5. 5a piece of equipment that makes a high loud sound when air or steam is forced through it The train whistle blew as we left the station. a factory whistle See related entries: Trains
  6. Word OriginOld English (h)wistlian (verb), (h)wistle (noun), of Germanic origin; imitative and related to Swedish vissla ‘to whistle’.Extra examples From the opening to the final whistle, Gray is relentless. He gave a short blast on his whistle. He pursed his lips in a silent whistle. She gave a low whistle of admiration. The referee’s whistle went just before he shot the goal. The train entered the tunnel with a shrill whistle. They scored their only goal just before the final whistle. From the audience came applause and whistles of appreciation. He attracted whistles and jeers and rotten tomatoes from the crowd.Idioms (informal) very clean More Like ThisSimiles in idioms (as) bald as a coot, (as) blind as a bat, (as) bright as a button, (as) bold as brass, as busy as a bee, as clean as a whistle, (as) dead as a/​the dodo, (as) deaf as a post, (as) dull as ditchwater, (as) fit as a fiddle, as flat as a pancake, (as) good as gold, (as) mad as a hatter/​a March hare, (as) miserable/​ugly as sin, as old as the hills, (as) pleased as Punch, as pretty as a picture, (as) regular as clockwork, (as) quick as a flash, (as) safe as houses, (as) sound as a bell, (as) steady as a rock, (as) thick as two short planks, (as) tough as old bootsSee worksheet.
    blow the whistle on somebody/something
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    (informal) to tell somebody in authority about something wrong or illegal that somebody is doing
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