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    BrE BrE//waɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//waɪt//
    (whiter, whitest) Race
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  1. 1  having the colour of fresh snow or of milk a crisp white shirt white bread a set of perfect white teeth His hair was as white as snow. The horse was almost pure white in colour.
  2. 2  belonging to or connected with a race of people who have pale skin white middle-class families She writes about her experiences as a black girl in a predominantly white city. See related entries: Race
  3. 3  (of the skin) pale because of emotion or illness white with shock She went white as a sheet when she heard the news. He looked red-eyed and white-faced, slightly fearful and anxious.
  4. 4  (British English) (of tea or coffee) with milk added Two white coffees, please. Do you take your coffee black or white? compare black
  5. Word Originlate Old English hwīt, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wit and German weiss, also to wheat.
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