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work out

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb Exercise
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  to train the body by physical exercise I work out regularly to keep fit. related noun workout See related entries: Exercise
  2. 2  to develop in a successful way My first job didn't work out. Things have worked out quite well for us.

work out (at something)

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if something works out at something, you calculate that it will be a particular amount + adj. It'll work out cheaper to travel by bus.
(British English) to understand somebody’s character I've never been able to work her out.
  1. 1  to calculate something to work out the answer
  2. 2  (especially British English) to find the answer to something synonym solve to work out a problem work out what, where, etc… Can you work out what these squiggles mean? I couldn't work out where the music was coming from.
  3. 3  to plan or think of something I've worked out a new way of doing it.
  4. 4[usually passive] to remove all the coal, minerals, etc. from a mine over a period of time a worked-out silver mine
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