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    BrE BrE//ˈwɜːkə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈwɜːrkər//
    Farm people, Pay and conditions at work
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  1. 1   (often in compounds) a person who works, especially one who does a particular kind of work farm/factory/office workers rescue/aid/research workers temporary/part-time/casual workers manual/skilled/unskilled workers CollocationsJobsGetting a job look for work look for/​apply for/​go for a job get/​pick up/​complete/​fill out/ (British English) fill in an application (form) send/​email your (British English) CV/(North American English) résumé/application/​application form/​covering letter be called for/​have/​attend an interview offer somebody a job/​work/​employment/​promotion find/​get/​land a job employ/ (especially North American English) hire/​recruit/ (especially British English) take on staff/​workers/​trainees recruit/​appoint a managerDoing a job arrive at/​get to/​leave work/​the office/​the factory start/​finish work/​your shift do/​put in/​work overtime have/​gain/​get/​lack/​need experience/​qualifications do/​get/​have/​receive training learn/​pick up/​improve/​develop (your) skills cope with/​manage/​share/​spread the workload improve your/​achieve a better work-life balance have (no) job satisfaction/​job securityBuilding a career have a job/​work/​a career/​a vocation find/​follow/​pursue/ (especially North American English) live (out) your vocation enter/​go into/​join a profession choose/​embark on/​start/​begin/​pursue a career change jobs/​profession/​career be/ (both especially British English) work/​go freelance do/​take on temp work/​freelance work do/​be engaged in/​be involved in voluntary workLeaving your job leave/ (especially North American English) quit/​resign from your job give up work/​your job/​your career hand in your notice/​resignation plan to/​be due to retire in June/​next year, etc. take early retirement see also guest worker, sex worker, social worker See related entries: Farm people, Pay and conditions at work
  2. 2   [usually plural] a person who is employed in a company or industry, especially somebody who does physical work rather than organizing things or managing people Conflict between employers and workers intensified and the number of strikes rose. talks between workers and management
  3. 3  (usually after an adjective) a person who works in a particular way a hard/fast/quick/slow worker
  4. 4 a female bee that helps do the work of the group of bees but does not reproduce compare drone, queen bee
  5. Extra examples 400 workers have lost their jobs. 88% of the workers commute by car. Casual workers are usually paid by the hour. One night in these expensive hotels costs around the average worker’s monthly wage. The public are demanding more worker protection. The shop is staffed by one paid worker and three volunteers. The union accused the company of exploiting its workers. The workers voted for industrial action. The workers walked out last month after a failure to agree all the terms for the 110 lay-offs. The workers walked out last month after a failure to agree terms. These banana workers earn about $7 000 per year. Workers demanded fair wages and better working conditions. worker participation in decision making Aid workers quickly arrived at the scene of the disaster. Conflict between employers and workers intensified. She’s a very hard/​fast worker. Talks between workers and management have ended today. The average factory worker is paid a wage that is unrelated to productivity. There are few jobs available for manual workers. We will take on several casual workers over the summer months. office/​farm/​factory workers rescue/​aid/​research workers skilled/​unskilled/​manual/​blue-collar/​white-collar workers temporary/​part-time/​casual/​seasonal/​migrant workersIdioms (informal) a person who knows how to get what they want quickly, especially when beginning a sexual relationship with somebody
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