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 noun: Higher education institutions topic
1 [countable, uncountable] (often in names) (in Britain) a place where students go to study or to receive training after they have left school a college of further education (= providing education and training for people over 16) a secretarial college the Royal College of Art a college course/library/student She's at college. 2 [countable, uncountable] (often in names) (in the US) a university where students can study for a degree after they have left school Carleton College a college campus/student a private college He got interested in politics when he was in college. She's away at college in California. He's hoping to go to college next year.3 [countable, uncountable] (Canadian English) a place where you can study for higher or more specialist qualifications after you finish high school4 [countable, uncountable] one of the separate institutions that some British universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, are divided into King’s College, Cambridge a tour of Oxford colleges Most students live in college.5 (in the US) one of the main divisions of some large universities The history department is part of the College of Arts and Sciences.6 [countable + singular or plural verb] the teachers and/or students of a college

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