pride noun definition in Proud topic from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


 noun: Proud topic
1 [uncountable, singular] a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction that you get when you or people who are connected with you have done something well or own something that other people admire The sight of her son graduating filled her with pride. He felt a glow of pride as people stopped to admire his garden. pride (in something) I take (a) pride in my work. pride (in doing something) We take great pride in offering the best service in town. I looked with pride at what I had achieved. Success in sport is a source of national pride. 2 [uncountable] the feeling of respect that you have for yourself Pride would not allow him to accept the money. Her pride was hurt. Losing his job was a real blow to his pride. It's time to swallow your pride (= hide your feelings of pride) and ask for your job back. 3 [uncountable] (disapproving) the feeling that you are better or more important than other people Male pride forced him to suffer in silence.