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Usage Notes

You will find many notes on various aspects of usage in English in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Select one of the types of usage notes to see entries that have that type of note.

If you are in an entry with a usage note, you can click on the usagenotemid icon to see a list of other entries with the same kind of usage notes.

AWL Collocations
These notes help you to use words from the Academic Word List in typical combinations and phrases.
These notes help explain points of grammar that often cause problems.
Language Bank
These notes show you how to express similar ideas in a variety of ways, particularly in writing.
More About
These notes give you more information about an aspect of life or language in the United States and show you the correct words to use.
These notes shows synonyms of a word, together with examples of how the synonyms are used and information about the differences between them.
Topic Collocations
These notes show useful words and phrases connected with particular topics, and a selection of verbs to use with those words and phrases.
Vocabulary Building
These notes help you to choose more interesting and varied words to use, and so increase your vocabulary.
Which Word?
These notes show the differences between words that are often confused.


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Language Bank: Page 1 of 2 1 2