Recent Additions to OALD

We will be adding new words and meanings to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary regularly.
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Words and meanings added in March 2017

above the line idiom

across preposition (sense 5)

architect noun (sense 3)

architect verb

around prepostion (sense 6)

at-bat noun

at bat idiom

autocorrect noun

autocorrect verb

autonomous adjective (sense 3)

somebody's back is turned idiom

bandwidth noun (sense 3)

batting average noun

beer money noun

below the line idiom

birther noun

birtherism noun

blind adjective (sense 7)

body shaming noun

boil the ocean idiom

boo-yah exclamation

bowling noun (sense 2)

box set noun

brand ambassador noun

Brexiteer noun

bring it idiom

bring it on! idiom

like a broken record idiom

buggy adjective

bundler noun

burn verb (sense 13)

burn rate noun

bury the lede/lead idiom

bust somebody's chops idiom

bust your chops idiom

buy-to-let adjective

cage fighter noun

cage fighting noun

candy striper noun

at/in a canter idiom

canter verb (sense 2)

cap and trade noun

cardboard cut-out noun

caricature noun

carry noun

cascade verb (senses 3, 4)

cave-in noun (sense 2)

change something up phrasal verb

chaser noun (sense 3)

cherry-picking noun

chocolatey adjective

clean somebody's clock idiom

clear blue water idiom

click rate noun

click-through noun (sense 3)

close1 verb (sense 6)

clutch adjective

comms noun

concealed carry noun

cross hairs noun

the Dark Web noun

the Deep Web noun

deprecate verb (sense 2)

deprived adjective (sense 2)

discombobulate verb

discombobulated adjective

discombobulating adjective

dodge a/the bullet idiom

dog whistle noun

downvote noun

downvote verb

driverless adjective

east-west adjective

eco-warrior noun

EDM noun

end-stage adjective

epiphany noun (sense 2)

exit interview noun

exit strategy noun

extreme vetting noun

face plant verb

face plant noun

fake news noun

fam noun

fangirl noun

fan site noun

FGM abbreviation

fintech noun

fitness tracker noun

five a day idiom

FLOTUS abbreviation

fps abbreviation

free school noun

freesheet noun

free-spirited adjective

game face noun

gendered adjective

gene editing noun

geography noun (sense 4)

glitch noun (sense 2)

glitchy adjective

golden thread noun

grime noun (sense 2)

graduate assistant noun

H2O noun

half-court noun

hard-ass adjective

hard-ass noun

hat tip noun

be having a moment idiom

heart verb

heart-wrenching adjective

heat map noun

home screen noun

hot-desk noun

hot-desk verb

hygge noun

hypertensive adjective

in the clutch idiom

in old money idiom

inside baseball idiom

jaffle noun

kabbalistic adjective

karmic adjective

keener noun

kick noun (sense 4)

labour camp noun

laggy adjective

land grab noun

land grabber noun

land grabbing noun

launderer noun

lead1 noun (sense 5)

lede noun

life-affirming adjective

limiting adjective (sense 2)

malicious adjective (sense 2)

mana noun

matcha noun

mic drop noun

minority report noun

mixed martial arts noun

money launderer noun

money laundering noun

nail-biter noun

new money noun

the new normal idiom

north-south adjective

old money noun

omnium noun

onboard verb

onboarding noun

open carry noun

own verb (senses 2, 4)

be past caring idiom

plush toy noun

pod noun (sense 2)

POTUS abbreviation

power brick noun

post-truth adjective

pre-order noun

pre-order verb

protect verb (sense 5)

qi noun

radiation belt noun

replayability noun

replayable adjective

replay value noun

ripper noun (sense 2)

safe space noun

SCOTUS abbreviation

search term noun

self-driving adjective

the Semantic Web noun

share noun (sense 4)

sheesh exclamation

sign-off noun

silver bullet noun

spammy adjective

spin room noun

streetwear noun

swag noun (senses 2, 5, 7)

ta-da exclamation

be on a tear idiom

techie adjective

tee noun (sense 3)

TL;DR abbreviation

tracker noun (senses 2, 3)

trigger warning noun

uncosted adjective

unlike verb (sense 2)

unviable adjective

upvote verb

upvote noun

vape noun

vetting noun

view noun (sense 7)

walk verb (senses 7, 8)

wall noun (sense 5)

washable adjective (sense 2)

webcomic noun

wheelhouse noun (senses 2, 3)

white label noun

you and yours idiom

zakat noun

Words and meanings added in March 2016

angel noun (sense 4)

anyhoo adverb

awkward squad noun

back order noun

back-order verb

backstop noun

back-to-back adjective

bae noun

bailiwick noun

ballplayer noun

beardy adjective

beardy noun

block party noun

blog post noun

business angel noun

call somebody out phrasal verb

cam noun (sense 2)

capital noun (sense 5)

chemical adjective (sense 3)

class warrior noun

companion animal noun

cosplay noun

cosplay verb

cosplayer noun

counterargument noun

counterexample noun

culture warrior noun

dash cam noun

demo noun (senses 3 and 5)

dial something down phrasal verb

dial in phrasal verb

dial somebody in phrasal verb

dial up phrasal verb

dial something up phrasal verb

disciplinary adjective (sense 2)

double-dip verb

double-dip noun

double-dip recession noun

EdTech noun

ELL noun

entitled adjective

entitlement noun (sense 4)

fascism noun (sense 2)

frenemy noun

geek verb

gender gap noun

gender-neutral adjective

gnostic adjective

Gnosticism noun

hackathon noun

hacktivist noun

hangry adjective

hard power noun

heritage noun (sense 2)

heritage language noun

human capital noun

impactful adjective

interdisciplinarity noun

interoperability noun

keyboard warrior noun

kudos noun (sense 2)

listicle noun

man flu noun

manscaping noun

mansplain verb

mansplaining noun

manspreading noun

MNC noun

mudroom noun

MVP noun (sense 2)

net neutrality noun

network effect noun

on point idiom (sense 2)

political capital noun

postdoc noun

power couple noun

programmatically adverb

punch something up phrasal verb

put somebody on phrasal verb (sense 2)

reach out to somebody phrasal verb (sense 2)

rent-seeking noun

rent-seeking adjective

revenant noun

road warrior noun

sketchy adjective (sense 2)

social capital noun

soft key noun

soft power noun

standard issue noun

standard-issue adjective

STEM abbreviation

street adjective (sense 2)

street party noun

switcheroo noun

thanx exclamation

trackback noun

traction noun (sense 4)

warrior noun (sense 2)

WRT abbreviation

zip line noun

zip-lining noun

Words and meanings added in December 2015

ad blocker noun

agile adjective (sense 3)

always-on adjective

autotune noun

autotune verb

BAME abbreviation

big day noun

BME abbreviation

board shorts noun

brain freeze noun

Brexit noun

brittle noun

build noun (senses 2-5)

bush tucker noun

cash-rich adjective

clickbait noun

comfort break noun

comix noun

consumer confidence noun

consumer credit noun

consumer electronics noun

cross-disciplinary adjective

crowdfund verb

data-driven adjective

digital footprint noun

directional adjective (sense 3)

ecotown noun

embeddedness noun

emoji noun

equal marriage noun

experience points noun

eyeball noun

fandom noun

finger in the air idiom

flat white noun

frat boy noun

friend noun (sense 2)

fundraise verb

gender identity noun

geocache noun

Grexit noun

hedge fund noun

hoverboard noun

HVAC abbreviation

in-app adjective

in-app adverb

information security noun

infosec noun

intraoperative adjective

iterative adjective

jetpack noun

landscaping noun

level noun (sense 7)

level up phrasal verb

lifehack noun

life skill noun

mecha noun

meds noun

mentorship noun

millennial adjective

millennial noun

mindfulness noun

mind map noun

MMO noun

mood board noun

nanoscience noun

personal statement noun

picayune adjective

plus size noun

plus-size adjective

prank verb

preoperative adjective

preview noun (sense 4)

proof of concept noun

radicalization noun

riff noun (sense 2)

riff verb

ripped adjective

salad bar noun

selfie stick noun

service member noun

smartwatch noun

stand-up adjective (sense 4)

superfast adjective

takeaway noun

team building noun

touch-sensitive adjective

trail verb (sense 6)

trans adjective

trend verb

trending adjective

UAV noun

undead adjective

unlock verb (sense 4)

vertical adjective (sense 3)

vertical noun (sense 2)

vertical integration noun

voice-activated adjective

wearable noun

workup noun

world noun (sense 7)

XP noun

zero-hours adjective